Our Vision

To see peace and justice flourish in regions that have been most affected by Colombia’s historic armed conflict.

Our Mission

1To work with local leadership, and together support initiatives that seek to strengthen and rebuild community social fabric.

2To build collaborative partnerships with other private, public and religious organizations involved in Colombia’s post-armed conflict reconstruction effort.

3To invite groups that support our work to engage the communities we accompany, with the aim of creating space for critical reflection, mutual encouragement and transformation.


The Wájaro Foundation (Wájaro) is a legal Colombian NGO and is run by a diverse Board of Directors that receives input from individuals and organizations with both local and international experience. Wájaro is an ecumenical and multidisciplinary organization with Christian character.

Though recently founded, Wájaro comes as a result of years of engagement with base communities – indigenous, campesino and urban – from across the Americas. 

The word “Wájaro”, which comes from the language spoken by the Amazonian tribal group known as the Eduria, means “let’s go together” and captures in large-part what the Wájaro Foundation seeks to do—to walk alongside groups of people engaged in peace and justice work in difficult regions throughout Colombia.






The general violent conditions resulting from Colombia’s ongoing 60-year internal armed conflict and its spillover into neighboring countries, especially at the borders, have had a direct and disproportionate impact on the lives of indigenous peoples. Exacerbated by drug cartels, armed groups, and multinational companies pursuing the rich natural resources in their territories, this serious humanitarian situation has resulted in displacement, extreme marginalization and environmental degradation in indigenous communities. Of the approximately 1.5 million indigenous peoples in Colombia, it is estimated that 10% are victims of human rights violations.

Today, in all of Colombia, there is new hope for peace as a historic truce was signed between the Colombian government and the largest armed rebel group in November of last year. Though indigenous peoples continue to suffer as a result of a war-system that can only be dismantled over the course of time, the possible emergence of a Colombia without war, creates immense possibilities for the healing and strengthening of Colombia’s indigenous community.

Some of Our Friends

Below are some of the organizations with which we work and/or have strong relationships:

The Wájaro Foundation—Let’s Go Together