ASPEWA program for the equipping of pastors

The Wayuu is an Amerindian group that numbers approximately 400,000 and inhabits the semi-desert Guajira Peninsula straddling the Colombia-Venezuela border, on the Caribbean Sea coast. Here, the Wájaro Foundation is helping to develop a regional association of Wayuu pastors and leaders from different denominations and churches from across the Wayuu territory. The aim of the association, known as ASPEWA, is to strengthen the local church and to seek the wellbeing of the Wayuu community.

ASPEWA envisions the Wayuu territory being transformed by the church. However as a first step, there is a great need for holistic formation of the men and women that lead the church. Holistic formation as envisioned by the leadership of ASPEWA includes the following areas of study: theology, stewardship, leadership, project management, indigenous issues, and environmental issues. Nevertheless, in order to adequately delve into these weightier subjects, many leaders need basic educational skills. For this reason, in partnership with a local vocational training organization and regional Biblical institute, Wájaro has begun implementing a basic educational program with 100 church leaders, both men and women, from across the Wayuu territory. The goal of the program is to offer basic educational training to 500 church leaders over the course the next 2½ years, in blocks of 6 months.

Currently available funds only cover the 1st block of the educational program with ASPEWA. Therefore, as part of its strategy, the Wájaro Foundation is looking for other organizations and individuals interested in collaborating with the technical expertise and financial support.