Research and Data Collection

Based on the best data available, there are nearly 100 different indigenous groups throughout Colombia. However, there is much information that is out of date or simply wrong, and a lot of current data that is in diverse hands and is simply in need of consolidation.

One of the goals of the Wájaro Foundation is to join hands with others in the accumulation and mapping of the data concerning indigenous communities throughout Colombia. Some of the information we are gathering is regarding:

  1. The up-to-date names of indigenous communities and their current locations
  2. Relative data concerning groups; their population numbers, root language group, history, characteristics.
  3. Historical and current socio-political situation within groups, leaders, assets, projects, challenges, etc.
  4. Historical and current state of the church within indigenous groups—a complete panorama
  5. Identifying indigenous Christian leaders within their groups, with contact information and their story.
  6. Database and contacts for entities and individuals from outside who are currently working with particular groups.

As we are able to continually gather this information, we hope to more clearly understand the present state of the indigenous population and church in Colombia and to work with increasing unity both with these communities and other entities involved to achieve the vision and mission of the Wájaro Foundation.